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  1. Model Year 2012 to 2017 How to install Ecohitch Invisi in SLC?

    Crosstrek / XV General Discussion Forum
    I'm currently traveling through the area and will be in SLC for some time in March-April. I want to get an Ecohitch Invisi and install it on my 2016 Crosstrek but I don't have the appropriate tools to do it myself. I'm happy to pay a shop a reasonable price to do the install if anyone knows of a...
  2. Model Year 2018 and Newer Trailer hitch for 2018 Crosstrek ltd

    Crosstrek / XV General Discussion Forum
    I know nothing about trailer hitches except that the Crosstrek has a maximum towing capacity of 2000 lb Does any size fit? Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Subaru Crosstrek trailer hitch and impact damage from a crash

    Crosstrek / XV General Discussion Forum
    I seem to remember someone a while ago on the forum questioning the integrity of the car and it's resistance to damage with a non-oem hitch installed. Well, unfortunately, I got do discover the real-world results of that situation on Sunday. My car was real-ended at a high rate of speed on a...
  4. Model Year 2018 and Newer Curt Hitch 13382 from PartsEngine.Ca

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Hi Everyone, I know there are a lot of posts on this, but I couldn't find one where I could slot my question into, so I've decided to make a new thread. I'm finally starting to look at getting a hitch. Didn't like the OEM one for 1.25 size, and originally wanted the ecohitch stealth, but like...
  5. Hello to all, new 2018 here!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, New to the Subaru scene, just sold my '08 Jeep SRT8, she had many mods and lots of power so this 152hp is going to be interesting. I ordered my 2018 Limited DGM Crosstrek on Nov. 4th, 2017.....finally got her last weekend, 11 weeks later. I've had her for less than a week and...
  6. Model Year 2018 and Newer Hitch problem

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Just had my 2018 over at Rack N Road to have a 2" hitch installed. After having it for 2 1/2 hours, they called to tell me they couldn't get it to fit. In 2018 Subaru went to an Impreza frame so I suspect that's what happened. Someone should have checked before ordering the damn thing. Any one...
  7. For Sale Subaru Crosstrek O.E.M. 1.5" Hitch for Sale

    For Sale / Freebies
    I have a O.E.M. 1.25" hitch for sale. Located in Ontario. Part #L1010FJ610 New, never used. Will fit 2013-2015 models for sure. Not sure about newer years. Asking $150 OBO *Sorry guys it is 1.25" I must have not typed the "2" in when I wrote the ad. Thanks for the correction.
  8. Model Year 2018 and Newer 2018 Receiver Hitch

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Hi all - any thoughts on the correct aftermarket receiver hitch for the 2018 Limited? Could the 2017 Impreza have the same fit? Should receive my car in 2 weeks. Will go with a 2" class III if possible. THX! Corey
  9. 2017 Hitch wiring harness....

    Appearance and Body
    Thanks everyone for all the great information I've already gleaned from this site! I bought the Curt hitch and wiring harness for my 2017 Limited Hyper Blue (love it!). I got the hitch installed pretty easily as the instructions and youtube indicate. The wiring harness is my quandary....when I...
  10. EcoHitch thoughts

    Appearance and Body
    Hey guys/gals! So im thinking about installing a hitch kit and was looking at the Torklift Central EcoHitch X7203. I love the fact that the receiver is hidden in the bumper. I will be mainly using it to hold a hitch step, bike rack, and hopefully ill be towing a small tear drop style trailer...
  11. Rear Hitch: D Ring

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Getting a Curt Class III hitch installed this week at a local shop to save some time (I acquired two free Honda Express mopeds that need picked up; SCORE!). Thank you internet b/c I came across these sweet D ring hitch mounts! You can buy the above on Amazon The install shop says they carry...
  12. Hello from Pflugerville TX

    New Member Introductions
    Just jumped on board the Crosstrek train last week. Bought a new 2016 Crosstrek Premium package in silver. Been looking at these for over a year now and finally able to pull the trigger and get one. Couldnt be happier so far. Looking foward to some modifications. First on the list is the...
  13. Tow Hitch Options for small trailer

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    We're looking into getting a small trailer to haul kayaks. I've never had one before what kind of hitch, and wiring harness would we need? I'd like to get one for my XV and also my wife's Impreza.
  14. Just picked up an XV limited, Finally own a Subaru!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I will be posting some pics soon and will make a thread keeping up with all of my upgrades, exchanges, and so on. I bought it for the fuel economy and ability to pull. I commute about an hour to school every day of the week and simply cant afford to pay for the gas in a truck or larger...
  15. Alternative Installation of Torklift EcoHitch in a Subaru XV Crosstrek

    Appearance and Body
    TL:DR Use fish wire technique or reverse fish wire technique from beneath vehicle to minimize fastener removal AND keep interior clean. I spent a short time installing hitches when I needed a job. I learned a little bit, mostly that hitch labor is...
  16. UHAUL installed my hitch for $30

    Appearance and Body
    Just got a tangerine Crosstrek couple weeks ago. Ordered the Curt Class 3 #13135 hitch. Thought about doing it myself, but decided to check with UHAUL. They installed in an hour and just charged for $30. What a great deal I think!
  17. Installing Subaru XV Crosstrek Invisi Trailer Hitch - Torklift Central

    Appearance and Body
    Hi, I've been looking for some good trailer hitch for quite some time now and with all the comparing, reviews, etc. (OEM Hitch, Curt, Torklift) and I was interested on getting this mainly it's a hidden hitch and no drilling required. The only reason for me holding back is having someone to...
  18. Outdoor activity picture thread

    Crosstrek / XV Pictures
    Subaru owners are known for being outdoorsy. Please post pictures of your XV Crosstrek loaded with bikes (hitch mount or roof mount), Kayaks, ski or any roof-rack set up. Pictures of XV's packed full of gear, XV's at a campsite, hiking trails, mountains, deserts etc. If you tow an atv etc...
  19. Review of Tork Lift ECO Hitch for XV (with install notes)

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    I decided to go with the tork lift eco hitch for a number of reasons: 1-It has a 2" receiver 2-Its hidden underneath the rear bumper and utilizes the knock-out panel that is otherwise worthless in the american model xv. 3-Tork Lift's reputation The install took myself and a friend about 2 and...
  20. Adding an aftermarket hitch: any suggestions?

    Crosstrek / XV General Discussion Forum
    I'm not interested in the overpriced Subaru hitch, but want to take advantage of the Crosstrek's 1500lbs rated towing capacity, so am going to soon start researching hitches. But I've never bought one. In Autozone, there seemed to be a few different sizes for the square hole. And it's not clear...