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  1. Appearance and Body
    Morning Girls and Boys, Wondering if it's a direct swap out for the sweeeet honeycomb grille of the 2020 from the blocky cutouts of the 2021. I'm probably just going to buy one and find out, but if one of you fine individuals have experimented, please let me know. Appreciate it.
  2. Appearance and Body
    Hey yall, Does anyone have any ideas for changing the stock subaru crosstrek 2018 grille to something custom? Perhaps is it possible to swap the girlle to the 2018 impreza sport mesh grille? Sort of like this one...
  3. Crosstrek / XV Videos
    Hey all, So I recently wrapped my hood with some 3M 1080 vinyl and decided to video the grille removal while I was at it as I have had quite a few people ask me how this is done on the 2021.
  4. Appearance and Body
    I've found a used sports mesh grille for a 2017 part# J1010FJ050 and I'm trying to figure out if it will fit on my 2015. Has anyone done this? The only thing I could find on here was someone who put a 2015 on a 2017, they said it fit after the clips were shaved down a little. If this is the case...
  5. DIY and 3rd party Maintenance, How To's & Tools
    This Saturday I installed a new set of Hell Sharptones using the existing horn leads instead of the harness and relay. Im going to skip the details of the horn install as several others have done here before (check out azxtrek's detailed youtube edit). Instead I am going to point out few...
  6. Appearance and Body
    Hello Everyone, Looking to buy a sports mesh grille for my 2014 dark grey metallic. I found a 'cheaper' version of them on eBay, which claim to be OEM from 'Quirk Parts'. Anyone have experience with this particular company or can recommend another company to go with other than directly from...
  7. Appearance and Body
    Just Plasti Dip'd my OEM grille, and am considering getting the Hella Supertones. Does anyone have this set up? If so, can you post pics? Thanks! -Rowdy
  8. Appearance and Body
    Hi guys, I figured I would quickly post my painted stock grille for those who were wondering what it looks like. You can mask off everything that isn't chrome, but I removed those pieces from the rest of the grille. If you have nay questions feel free to ask. Nick
  9. Appearance and Body
    I know plenty of people have used black plasti-dip on their grilles to get rid of the hideous chrome. I have a white crosstrek and I'm wondering if plasti-dip would hold up to dirt and bugs if I were to do it in white. Anyone tried this and have any success? I would keep the "center bar" black...
  10. Appearance and Body
    hey newbie here just want to get opinions on the paint job i did on my xv. im not a professional so its a far from perfect job. would appreciate any feedback! thank you and glad to be part of the xv community!
  11. Appearance and Body
    WOW!!! I just called my dealership to schedule installation of the sport mesh grille and spoiler that I ordered online, and was quoted something obscene that I wasn't at all expecting - basically the price of the parts alone. I had to double check that he was quoting me labor only and parts...
  12. General Discussion Forum
    I have a Subaru XV, just wondering if anyone has successfully self installed the Sports Grill and if so, any pictures for the step by step.. Got stuck after taking out the front 2 clamps and plastic clips.. Cheers.. Malcolm.
  13. Appearance and Body
    I have the stock grille on my XV. Really like the alternative mesh grille you can get from Subaru, but at closer inspection it's flimsy plastic. Since my XV is dark gray, I was thinking of giving the stock grille a matte black look. Anyone know how some spray paint adheres to that plastic?
1-13 of 14 Results