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  1. Complete Shut Down While Driving

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    Left home for a 3 hour trip to the mountains. Within two miles of home, at a traffic light, the car completely shut down. I put it in park and then restarted without issue. A short distance from my destination, I stopped at a location. When I went to restart the car, it had trouble...
  2. FOB Not working & alarm activated. HELP!!!

    Dealer Service Problems, Maintenance, Warranty, TS
    I'm in a pickle. I was changing my cargo light last night to an LED. Pulled out the stock, plugged in the LED - it illuminated for a second and then nothing. Immediately after, my FOB stopped working. I pulled out my second FOB set and still nothing. Pushing the buttons do nothing. I can lock...