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cross bars
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  1. Utility, Protection, and Towing
    I have a 2017 Subaru crosstrek and I’m looking for recommendations on cross bars for the roof and a kayak carrier that will work with it. Any suggestions?
  2. Appearance and Body
    I decided against the OEM cross bars but can't seem to make up my mind on what to go with. interested in getting the yakima 48' round bars not sure on the attachments yet. also trying to not break the bank! any suggestions or bars you guys like? Thanks!
  3. General Discussion Forum
    Didn't think through the security of the OEM aero crossbars (that came on the car - 2015 Premium) and now when about to purchase a roof cargo box am extremely disappointed to realize (find out) that the cross bars are NOT secure at all - just require the fairly easily attainable Torx wrench...
  4. Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Hi, I have a 2016 XV Crosstrek Premium manual. Now that I've had the car for a few weeks, I'm finding I need to start using the roof rack. What trim comes with the factory crossbars installed? Or is that an option on all trims? Since mine didn't come with them, I'm likely going to go Thule...
  5. Appearance and Body
    Does anyone know of any pros or cons of using OEM crossbars vs. after-market ones?
1-5 of 5 Results