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  1. Cross Country Camping in Crosstrek (for TWO)

    Interior, Audio, and HVAC
    The wife and I have been planning a trip across the US for this coming March... and we were wondering if anyone who has been on a decent trip living/sleeping in the Crosstrek could give insight on some things we may want to bring/have with us. We will be taking the slow and scenic route from...
  2. Long Island four wheel beaches are OPEN!

    Crosstreks Off Road
    APRIL IS HERE!! So I took my 2016 Crosstrek to Democrat Point at Robert Moses to give it a test run before I go back for some fishing and camping on the weekends. This was my first time EVER driving on a beach, and I was thoroughly impressed by how well I was able to drive around in deep sand...
  3. Towing with a Crosstrek?

    Appearance and Body
    Hiya fellow XV owners! I've found myself in a place where I'm considering spending time on either full-on or local walkabout. Or rather, driveabout. To do that, I'm considering three options. A really nice car-camping setup with an extra-comfy tent, shelter, camp kitchen, etc. A [email protected] Trailer...
  4. Outdoor activity picture thread

    Crosstrek / XV Pictures
    Subaru owners are known for being outdoorsy. Please post pictures of your XV Crosstrek loaded with bikes (hitch mount or roof mount), Kayaks, ski or any roof-rack set up. Pictures of XV's packed full of gear, XV's at a campsite, hiking trails, mountains, deserts etc. If you tow an atv etc...