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  1. Model Year 2012 to 2017 Brake warning light comes on through fast turns

    Suspension and Brakes
    Anyone else have this happen to them? The common sense side of my brain says that the car is just telling me to slow down lol.
  2. Applies to All Model Years Brake upgrade compatible with Eyesight?

    Suspension and Brakes
    Was getting tired of that spongy feel in the brake system of my 2017 XV limited so opted for an upgrade. I do use my xv to respond to medical and fire emergencies in a very hilly area - this means harder braking and accelerating using emergency lights on the street. It's got me wanting a bit...
  3. For Sale DEPO Led Taillights in smoke / black - '12-17 Crosstrek

    For Sale / Freebies
    Hi folks, I have for sale some lightly used full-LED talilights which will fit the 2012-2017 Crosstrek before they did the model changeover to the new body style. These are 100% plug and play, and they work fine. I changed them out to some more...
  4. brake Sounds - Please help guys!

    Suspension and Brakes
    Hello, We have a 2015 Crosstrek that is about three months old with 3,500 Km on it. Mostly City driving and a couple trips to whistler. After driving for more than about an hour in stop and go traffic, the brakes begin to make a moderately loud click or light clunk when pressing the pedal...
  5. First Time Towing

    Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Hey everyone I've seen a few threads out there about towing but I wanted to see if anyone has had any problems? I have a 13 XV with CVT and CURT 13135 Class 3 Trailer Hitch. I'm looking at renting a small trailer 550lbs for my motorcycle 650lbs. So roughly 1200lbs between the 2 but the...
  6. First brake service

    Suspension and Brakes
    How many miles did your original brake pads last and how much did it cost to replace them?