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  1. Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Figured I would post this here, I am considering purchasing a new bicycle and was looking into racks. I park in a garage with *very* low clearances, so roof rack is out (at least for in town, long distance would consider this, possibly.) I also don't have a hitch, and not sure I want to dive...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Hey, does anyone have these on the stock rims? I had these on my old Pathfinder & they're awesome! If not, definitely get the Geolandar AT/S in 215/60/17... Thanks in advance!
  3. Utility, Protection, and Towing
    Hey everyone, sorry if this is a question that was already asked, I did a quick search and couldn't find an answer. I am looking for a bike rack for the rear of a 2015 XV but I have the optional added rear spoiler and I don't know if this will interfere with the rack. Does anyone know of...
  4. Crosstrek / XV Pictures
    Subaru owners are known for being outdoorsy. Please post pictures of your XV Crosstrek loaded with bikes (hitch mount or roof mount), Kayaks, ski or any roof-rack set up. Pictures of XV's packed full of gear, XV's at a campsite, hiking trails, mountains, deserts etc. If you tow an atv etc...