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  1. Appearance and Body
    2013 XV. Finally got the front bumper guard and a light bar to go with it. Some other small mods included, might paint the wheels soon.
  2. Suspension and Brakes
    Hi everyone, just a quick post for you all. Yesterday I installed my 20mm rear sway and I love it so far. The car handles a lot better and has almost no roll anymore. I attempted to change the rear sway a few days ago but one of the end links stripped (surprising I know). This may impact my...
  3. Lighting, Electrical, and EyeSight
    Currently I have a set of auxiliary spot lights on a light bar on my XV along with some Rigid Industries LED "Camping lights" on the rear of my rack. Lighting has turned into my obsession. I ordered a set of Hella 500 driving lights and a set of Hella 500 fog lights to add up front. I will have...
  4. Lighting, Electrical, and EyeSight
    I'm currently trying to work out how to install and wire an LED strip on the front below the number plate, I need to know how to run the wires from the battery trough to inside the car so i can mount a switch in one of the spare spots near the steering wheel to turn it on and off?