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  1. Appearance and Body
    Has anyone ever used abs plastic honeycomb mesh to replace stock mesh on a crosstrek? I have a 2017 and I was thinking about replacing the grill with this.
  2. Appearance and Body
    in automotive design there is a term called "dead-cat hole" which is the space between the top of the tire and the wheel opening. This is particularly apparent on pickup trucks and many SUVs. While the Crosstrek's tires fill the openings satisfactorily, I feel like the body-side cladding...
  3. General Discussion Forum
    I thought this might be a fun thread based on an experience I had this morning at the gas station. I had stopped to get a cup of coffee and was just about to get back in the XV when a guy comes over and says "Hey man! I really like that car! I've never seen one before!" I said thank you and...