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General Information

XV Crosstrek
NAV + Winter package
2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek (Silver)


-Hella Supertone horn mounted seperately to the holes to the left and right of e hood latch on the top bar. I ended up getting screws that fit the hella horn perfectly but were just a little to big for the holes, so i used a drill and widened it so when you are picking up screws make sure they will fit in the holes on the frame not the hella horn. Don't bother getting the bracket from subimods unless you like the way it sits but if you are using the normal grill I would suggest using just the two holes that I did.
-XV Strut Bar
- 2 x Zitrade 54W 9x2 CREE LED mounted on custom bracket which is mounted in front of the radiator on the bottom to the center post and the two outer holes. Switch mounted next to dashboard dimming wheel.
-Disconnected the DRL's (bs safety feature to cost us more money)
-Speed camera and stop light camera locations added to nav
3m Carbon Fiber Vinyl on interior light grey plastic parts from front dash and gearshift.
LED Dome + Map Lights
I used the Sylvania LED Driving lights DE3175 just because autozone had them but any 31mm bulb like that should work.
Trunk light upgraded to w5w led from amazon
Plasti-dipped the plastic chrome parts of the normal front grille, there are a bunch of photos in an album of mine showing how I did it. I also plasti-dipped the oem hood protector. The "crosstrek" emblems are removed and the "subaru", "awd" and "xv" are all plasti-dipped.
Sylvania Silverstar zXe H11 and 9005 super white used for headlights high and low beam.
Both W5W sockets in each headlight are leds from amazon.
-Upgraded speaker system plus the tweeter package soon.
-White Led Equalizer on back window wired through the hatch + plastic grommet, next to doors to driver seat. (stupid but fun)
Wheel and Tire
Things to come:
-Leather CVT shift knob boot/carbon fiber vinyl on oem grey bezel.
-Installing switches to the left of steering wheel plus in trunk area.
-Plasti-dipping the rear reflectors + emblems
-Under the seat sub
-Cup holder replacement with slider


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