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2015 Subaru XV 2.0i-S G4X Auto AWD MY15
Subaru’s Rock! It’s a well known fact that Subaru make great cars and Subaru SUV’s capably handle all of the On Road and Off Road Adventures that you might want to throw at them..
I am downsizing from my current White Subaru Outback, while retaining the well respected Subaru Badge.
I have chosen to part with “SHELLEY PEARL”, my ever-faithful Outback Girl all dressed in white. Why” Well, she’s a large long-legged lady and I am moving towards a more compact and sporty looking performer. Awesome, I’m about to jump into the saddle of a new set o’ wheels.
My sturdy new steed is a nuggety-tough, ginger coated, strong-willed and warm-spirited Subaru XV, whom I have affectionately named “JAFFA”. For those of you too young to remember, Jaffa’s were a highly addictive chocolate centered sweet, with a hard tangy-orange coating that forever left kids young and old, craving for more after they tasted them. Addictive? Better believe it!
Jaffa sweets were highly desirable indeed and that’s exactly how I feel about my orange Subaru XV 2.0i-S. What a appealing little SUV it is, and with a definite attitude towards fun and exploration of the great outdoors and beyond.
Let it be known that “JAFFA” and I are entering a long-term relationship; has become a family member; and I feel we are going to get along just fine.
Also, in case you were wondering if I’ve lost my marbles in giving names to cars and inanimate objects, I confess that all of my vehicles are given nicknames according to their distinct personalities. Cars DO have personalities and feelings you know! Ha Ha! . . . They tend to not play up or get too stroppy in traffic when I display Zen-Calm and talk nicely to them. Zen Calm in traffic? Ha Ha Not bloody likely! Right? LOL! Anyway, meet JAFFA . . . . . . . . .
2015 Subaru XV (ORANGE)



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