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SOA Premium (Other countries get much better choices)
My Crosstrek started falling apart after 50K miles,
2 rear wheel bearing hubs, left front axle, brake pads/rotors, both the AC condenser and compressor. Burns about 1 quart of oil between 5K mile oil changes.
If you have to have this car, suggest you buy an extended warranty, (over $2500 in repairs for a 4 year old/65K mile car is not what I call reliable.)

Not a Subaru hater, just letting you know these are no longer the cars they once were (I did own 3 Subaru's logging close to 400K miles on them)
It's a crying shame, Subies were once real nice cars.
I still miss the 2004 Forester X 5MT and the 1983 GL wagon, 4 sp manual (2WD/4WD dual range) was an indestructible on/off road machine.
2014 XV (DGM)


A Tired Squirrel. Naturally slipping CVT. Pzev junk !
Things don't always change for the better.
First and last car with the CVT (do some research before you chose a Continuously Variable Transmission)

The Subaru cult says you have to "adapt" your driving style to drive the Subaru-CVT...! How about Subaru building an automatic transmission without flaws, after all, its been 10 years since they went all out with the CVT. (BTW - other brands CVT's are not any better)
Seats that wore out fast, cheap plastic, limited technology, poor audio, poor lighting, and no gauges.
Very Noisy... Snap, Crackle, Pop. "ting, tang"
For more then $25,000 US .. you deserve better.
Crosstrek is a cute car on the outside standing still,
but not moving! Bad paint, lots of orange peel.
Faded weather beaten black-cladding trim.
Don't buy the hype, the car needs a better engine and drive train.
Entertaining sales people who post on Subaru XV forums. I never thought car sales people would be so desperate, they have to spend time on discussion forums pushing a mediocre low end car.
Beware of Subaru damage control TROLLS.

Just mention Subaru CVT shudder/vibration to Subaru service or sales and they go ballistic. LOL, watch em squirm. It just proves this is a real issue with no answers.
Wheel and Tire
Noisy OEM tires, ware out fast, very expensive.
Replaced with Conti's (Less noise, better grip)


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