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  1. Model Year 2018 and Newer Turn signal delete option

    Subaru XV General Discussion Forum
    To be fair, I stopped trusting people’s turn signal to indicate they’re turning until they’ve actually committed to a turn. I pulled out in front of someone once who was signaling they were going to turn right, turns out all I did was cut them off because they didn’t even know the turn signal...
  2. Model Year 2018 and Newer Observations after 1 week

    Subaru XV General Discussion Forum
    Yepp. Welcome to the club. Absolutely love my car and everything about it... except the entertainment system. Subaru has always lacked with creature comforts but everything else they provide make up for it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Model Year 2018 and Newer Purchasing a new Crosstrek

    Subaru XV General Discussion Forum
    I had some oil consumption problems from around 20-28,000 miles but it magically fixed itself. I started the consumption test and drove it pretty hard to try to make it burn even more oil. Ended up running it hard enough that whatever internal seal was leaking fixed itself. Sent from my...
  4. XV Oil Level - right way to measure warm or cold ?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Theirs two oil levels. Serviceable and Unserviceable, measuring to the mm on something that can be seated differently every time it is installed will never be precise. Maybe look at weighing your car to determine the oil level? Unless that seems interesting I wouldn't worry so much as more than...
1-4 of 4 Results