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  • oscaroo ·
    I read on the forums that you had the Yokohama G012's 225/60/17 on your XV. Did they ever rub? When loaded or, when articulating something tricky?
    There's this guy that says his tires (which are have a smaller diameter than the 225/60/17 geos) rub on his mudflap (which he admits is not the oem one) [] .

    And there's other people on the forum that says the geo g012 225/60/17 are fine on the XV - I don't know whether they've loaded up their car or used it off-road-ish?
    I'm going off to the outback and would like tougher tires and don't want to buy the tires and find out that they rub when loaded and i've already forked out $235 per tires. :(

    Thank you
    AtHomeOnTheRoam ·
    I came across your build thread and saw the short light bars you have installed on the front on both sides of the license plate.
    Do you have a link for those or a model? Love the look!
    vdevisscher ·
    Hi, I have seen your car around town and have been pretty impressed with the modifications you have done. I have just purchased my XV only two weeks ago and just reading the your forum, mostly your post has given me with plenty of ideas on what I want to do with XaVian. Yes, I have named my car XaVian.

    I look forward in reading your posts and I hope you don't mind if I emulate some of your ideas. See you around town!!
    2266 ·
    Ok senior. Member been awhile just wondering does jdm. Have a website or am I missing something I love the tailights but haven't seen a website or any update as if anyone has problems with them since install etc etc I've seen the tailights on ebay but like to know the company first
    tjr ·
    I have booked my xv in to get a set of Schneider 9inch dvd headrests. I think you have these???? If you do, any chance of a review and a picture? I am getting a bit nervous about it.
    Tara (TJR)
    SCOUSEinOZ ·
    Hi Jason, I noticed you featured prominently in a post a couple of years ago regarding getting your XV to read and send SMS messages received from your phone. Did you ever sort that out to your satisfaction? I had a Motorola Defy that had no problem with this feature but now have a Windows 8.1 phone which pairs fine with my XV but I can't get the multimedia system to acknowledge incoming SMS's.
    atjurhs ·

    What APEXi air filter fits a 2013 XV Crosstrek, I couldn't find the part number at their website.


    ScoobyXV-L ·
    Here the eBay link
    14 PCS NON Slip Interior Door MAT CUP MAT FOR Subaru XV 2012 RED | eBay

    If u look at my build thread u will see pics somewhere
    liewkokk ·
    hi taking delivery of my xv here in malaysia tomorrow and cannot wait. i love the pink old impreza logo that you have on your white xv...........just so cool. where did you get it from? the online options i could find are china made and it just dont stand out.
    Stone ·
    Will do. Ill get my brother to drop them into the Melbourne Applicator to get them fully treated. Glad the situation has resolved.
    Thanks Pal!!

    Good to have a friend on board.

    Inbox in now available.
    Chrisgirl ·
    Photos are up in the group and more in the obsidian black pearl thread.

    Yes we did get plastics and wheels done. Looks good when clean and when dirty, it's does not get as dirty. Going to wash it today for first time just so I can see it clean in the daylight. I didn't get to see it in the daytime until after it got good and dirty.
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