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  • njwrxman21 ·
    The parts are for an impreza. They have the same mirrors as we do. Literally the exact same. Everything fit exactly the way it's supposed to.
    I don't know anything about the auto dimming stuff.
    In case you didn't know, you need to take off the black bottom part of the mirror first then you will see the tabs for the mirror cover. In one of the threads somewhere I saw someone moving the mirror and trying to pry the tabs from the mirror side. That doesn't work. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere. Feel free with more questions. Pm me instead. I get the email for a pm, not visitor messages.
    bignick ·
    hello, sorry for the delay, somehow I lost this message.

    I played with dirt bikes in the '70s, ATVs in the '80s, street bike from the late '60s to present. I raced a stock race prepped '84 Honda 1000 Interceptor at Bonneville Salt Flats in that year and did 148.546 mph. I started closed course roadracing in '85 and raced through '92. Raced 750 Supersport, Superbike, and Formula, Open classes, also 600 cc, 400cc. I mainly did sprint races around 10 laps or so on a 1.5-2.2 mile course, did a couple of 4 hr endurance races too. I mainly raced Suzuki GSX-R 750s, and had an '86, '87, '88, '90 and '91. Also had a '90 GSXR 1100. I raced a Yamaha FZR 400 and 600 too as well as a Honda MT125R a couple of times. I've entered hundreds of races and have raced up to 4 different bikes on a given race day in up to 6 events. I raced in Utah, Co, Nv, Az, and Calgary, Alberta. Had fun, lived in motorhome a couple of weekends a month. Crashed, broke lots of bones, finished in the top 10 most years.
    rlouie ·
    I saw how they cut the door trim as well.... I didn't end up cutting mine as I believe that the speaker adapter had the correct height for the speaker.

    I just had a quick look at the OE speaker and I can see why they cut the door trim... The OE speaker is actually inset a bit... and if you remove the speaker and mount the new speaker on top of that mount, the new speaker will be higher than the original OE speaker... That would mean that you would require to remove that bit of trim. I noticed that the grey foam on the OE speaker didn't have any indentation marks from the door trim that was cut out...

    Besides, if it did, I wouldn't have been able to install the door panel back in place as the plastic support would not have been able to go back in.

    BTW. Be sure to use the Dynamat on the door trim closest to the speaker. You only need to put some in the middle of the larger flat areas... that should cut down the vibrations in the door trim before it gets to the cup holders.
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