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  • ironman1518 ·
    Hello Nick,
    What types of racing did you do? Where and what bikes? I raced from '71 to '82, MX Enduro, Desert, roadraced and flat track.Had Kaw 175 enduro '71; three OSSA's after that and a flat track Ossa Stilletto engine, T-T500 Yam flat tracker, older model Rickman Mettisse Tri 500.
    Stone ·
    G'day Bignick. Thanks for your contributions in regards to the break-in period on today's modern engines and components. Pleased to hear from some with some real experience under his belt. Makes a real change from the usual chatter that someone has heard floating around the workshop and just relaying it on like it is gospel.
    Really good to meet the real deal.
    debath ·
    That a very nice Porsche you got bignick! Hey did you do any suspension mods to the XV Crosstrek as yet? Can you post any links to the manufacturers in the States?
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