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  • Cutlass ·
    Well, I do to. But my posting is spread out more. While this seems a nice board, I haven't really found a lot more to post in high numbers.
    Cutlass ·
    I was just noticing your join date here. You haven't been on this forum long for how much posts you have. And here I thought I posted too much on the internet!
    241514 ·
    You have aroused my curiosity ... you only drove manuals before moving to the US. May I ask where you moved here from? In CA people just blend, but where I came from, NY, people were proud of their heritage. My parents were both 1st generation Americans, with their parents being Austrian and German. Ethnic food was big back east, and it was always cool going to you neighbors to enjoy their food and holiday styles.
    Doca ·
    Every time I see someone type sandwich, I always think Earl of Sandwich. Because its three words I went with Kent hoping someone else will say Brockman, then seeing how someone will dig the game out of that.
    AstroKats ·
    We purchased it from Glendale Subaru. After I found it, they claimed they knew nothing about it, and that it was a dealer trade. I checked the window sticker and it was first delivered to El Cajon Subaru.
    encladd ·
    May I ask you where you bought your car? I live in San Diego and have seen a post where you mention going to Big Bear. It could be possible that we have the same issue with the same dealer.
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