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Thread: XV Hybrid - Inflated Tire Pressure

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    I raised mine to 44 PSI and see no discernible difference in "ride" from when the dealer had them at which is 35 PSI or so, can't remember, but anyway, i ran my Prius for 10 years at 40+ psi generally at 44 and consistently beat gas mileage figures. I have never had a tire dealer say that my tires were wearing improperly or anything. Physics will tell you that the ride will be stiffer but hell it's a CrossTrek not a Caddy anyway I can't tell the difference in ride but i can in gas mileage, and they are ready for 51 psi cold so 44 isn't that bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by uvwray View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I purchased my new XV Hybrid in late March and since then I’ve only reached an average of 27 mpg (mostly city driving) each time I fill up with gas. I’ve noticed other owners experiencing 30+ mpg but for some reason I cannot get there. Granted, they say you should you not worry about your gas mileage until after your break-in period of 1,000 miles and I only have 600 but it does make me wonder what I should expect going forward.

    The one thing I have noticed after I purchased the car, is when I took it home and gave it a once over I noticed the tire pressure to be 42 psi in each of the tires. I looked in the manual and noticed the front should be 32 and the rear to be 30 so I let out the air to meet the manufacture’s requirement.

    I’m wondering if the reason some folks are getting better gas mileage is due to those folks having 40+ psi in their tires. For those of you getting expected mileage could you report what psi is in your tires?

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    I agree fully with dstmark. I had run 4 seasons tires at their maximum cold pressure for their lifetime (actually I increased their lifetime...) with the two side effect being: a harsher ride and better fuel economy.

    The type of tire you have on will also make a difference. A sticky rubber versus a eco friendly tire won't get you the same fuel economy.

    I have a 5 speed manual, no option XV. I got my best tank of 30.4 US mpg (7.729l\100 km) with my new Continentals True Contact inflated at 40 psi all around.

    I filled up and put 5 more psi in them for 45 psi for this tank.

    So far, this tank will be even better than the 40 psi one (I knew that...).

    I drive mainly on the highway at night, so I can go a little bit slower.

    I'll keep the tires at 45 psi for a little while before bumping them to 51psi because the temperature here will go up, so fuel economy.

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    I wouldn't do that with anything in the tires other than Nitrogen gas....Air will expand greatly beyond your 44 to 51 psi..But hey it's your car....

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