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Thread: Premium vs. Limited – Help us decide!

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    Mar 2019
    I'd go Limited. You can always swap your leather seat covers for someone with cloth looking to upgrade from a base or Premium model. Plus you'll have better resale value, and get most of the amenities with the Limited.

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    Well, I’ve never had the problems mentioned about RAB. So I guess I’m lucky there.

    I find going about buying a new car from the perspective of “what you need” to be peculiar. If we only bought cars based on what we need, we would all be driving base models with maybe the upgrade of an automatic transmission. I think looking at safety features with this mindset is particularly concerning. Ultimately you need none of the safety features (steering responsive headlights, RAB, etc), so one has to question why would I even consider eyesight? To further the other point on reliability, why even get a new car if you’re concerned with parts failing so easily? Why not buy a car that has already reached the bottom of “the bathtub curve”.

    I’ll admit that the steering responsive headlights are one of my favorite features so I have a horse in this race. If the RAB does give you some trouble, is it worth that trouble worth it when RAB stops you from backing over a dog in someone’s driveway just once? I had a consideration on wether or not to get eyesight at all when I got my 18. Within 500 miles of driving it stopped me from hitting a black bear on the highway in the middle of the night. I don’t care who you are and how convinced you are about safety features “not doing anything that a human can’t”. There is no way that your natural reflexes will prevent you from hitting a BLACK bear in the middle of the night at 50mph. As far as I’m concerned the safety features paid themselves off.

    I think what I’m saying is instead of thinking about it from an “I need” perspective, ask yourself a couple of questions: Will I regret not getting them? How much do I value the features? Am I comfortable and prepared to part with the extra cash? If you feel that you will regret passing on the features at some point in the future, that you do value the features at their associated price, and that you can afford it, then I would say go for a limited.

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    Vancouver, BC
    RAB (and rear cross traffic alerts) and ACC are a couple of the most useful features on my Crosstrek. Would never buy a car without them now.

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    I went Limited! reason, I drive the life out of my cars now, so my next new one will be around 2030 so get everything you can... but really, wanted leather was the biggest, the it's cold in the winter and warm in the summer is kind of funny reasons not to get it when it's more about how easy it is to clean over cloth, how much better it feels once broken in on the body and looks so much better...

    I really would have liked to get a std but everything else out weighted that and I could not be happier with my decision.
    2019 CrossTrek Limited, Black on Black
    2005 BMW R1200gs (90K at start of 2019)

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    Jan 2019
    Sahuarita, AZ
    Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions and feel free to keep them coming as we have not bought/ordered yet. Cap'n hit the nail on the head when stating "You’ve now achieved paralysis by analysis". Yup, that's where we're at although we are now leaning toward a Limited.

    A couple clarifications to a couple of the replies. The Premium does have a manual seat height adjustment. And the 2019 Premium's HU does have Sirius/XM unlike the 2018 Pemiums.

    We'll probably special order so we can avoid paying for options we don't want. The only factory/port option my wife wants is the compass/homelink auto-dimming rear view mirror. Color-wise she just has to have the Sunshine Orange which wouldn't be my first choice of colors, but it's her car so she wins.

    OEM options that I would install myself are body side moldings, splash guards, rear bumper cover, cargo net, and maybe the rear seatback protector and side sill plates. I will also upgrade the map, dome and license plate bulbs to LEDs.

    Thanks again for your much appreciated feedback!
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    Future Crosstrek buyer but not new to Subaru (owned two Foresters)

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    Steering responsive headlights are pretty sweet... Used them on a friend of mines Jetta, I wish I had them.

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