We know that many of you who go offroading are looking for smaller wheels and tires. We have been considering this as we work very closely with Speedline wheels and are able to have small batches of wheels made on wheels that they have made before in the past.

They just released the Type 2110 Wheel that can be seen by following the link below in a 17x7.

If there is enough interest and people who are committed to purchasing the wheel in a specific color, then we can have a batch made in a 16x7. We would have this specially made in small batches.

For those who are not familiar with Speedline, they product and supply some of the best wheels to many of the best teams in the world and still to this day supply WRC(Tarmac, gravel, or snow), Formula 1, road car wheels, and more. In addition they supply wheels to many of the exotic vehicle manufacturers and they still do to this day.

If there are enough that would be committed, then contact us at [email protected]. We can have a custom offset made in a specific color as the standard fitment would probably be a 16x7, ET48, 5x100 PCD.

Mann Engineering Team