Model Year 2018 and Newer Why go manual?

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Thread: Why go manual?

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    Why go manual?

    I’m about to order a 2019 Crosstrek Premium. I’m not interested in any extras as I want to keep the price as low as possible. Perhaps the bumper cover and all-weather mats.

    My question is, why would someone get the manual transmission over the cvt? I own a manual truck and it’s fun to drive. Keeps you busy. But with the Crosstrek, you’re sacrificing a lot of efficiency.

    Do the guys that are getting manual transmission do off-road? Is it a no brainer to get the cvt if you’ll use this car mainly to commute?

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    As local chapter president of the "Save The Manuals" club, I'm telling you that you're already there. If your truck is fun to drive, the XV will be "funner". I have a ball with mine and I admit that being retired I'm not stuck in a commute situation often. I haven't noticed much of a sacrifice since I'm realistically pulling about 27 MPG average on a tankful. The best part is pulling up to a resturaunt and watching the vallet admit he can't drive a stick.
    Since you're going with a Premium manual you won't have Eyesight, but even though that is a valuable driver aid I'm more concerned about who is driving the car, me or the computer? I would suggest you grab the 6 speed while you can, because in the near future with Subaru being totally dedicated to safety you probably won't see this option in the next generation.

    Just the ramblings of a cranky old man that just finished a few Mike's Hard Lemonades and is ready for some sleep.....but I still say get the manual.


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    You're not really giving any efficiency. The mileage difference between the CVT and the manual isn't that much. I have the manual because I still like driving a manual. And after talking to my mechanic and poking around the interwebs, there is far too many reports of premature CVT failures for my liking. I've used mine for everything from commuting to camping. It's been a great car. As far as just using it for commuting, that really depends. If I lived somewhere like Chicago where I'd be stuck for hours in stop and go traffic, yeah, I'd probably give serious thought to a CVT over a manual. Were I live, I rarely sit in traffic for more than 20 minutes.

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    I have the base model 6 speed. i added a few things cargo cover-and fog lights.
    As for why a manual i can only say that i have always driven one. I feel more engaged when driving and feel as if i have more control over the car. Yes there is not driver's assist (not sure i really need that anyway,car does come with a back up camera). I have read and do believe that manual transmissions will last longer with less issues than the CVT. I live in a big city but don't have much of a commute but am not sure that would deter me. If i lived in London , or Leeds , or Barcelona i would drive a manual like most other people do. I just like the manual and think it provides at better over driving experience.

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    And from the other side of the fence ... I love the CVT. But most of all, I love the EyeSight. It does NOT drive the car as those against it who haven't tried it seem to think. Yeah, I get it, people don't like change. The EyeSight doesn't take over driving, but it does STOP the car in an emergency before you hit the other car. It saved my wife's new '17 Crosstrek when it was less than a week old and someone pulled out of a driveway right in front of her. No amount of awareness would have assisted her as it came out of a blind spot, hidden by parked cars. And no amount of braking or clutching would have prevented an accident, but EyeSight DID!! I love the Adaptive Cruise Control where you set the speed on the freeway or highway and the car maintains that speed or a safe distance behind the slower car in front of you, or the one that cuts you off. EyeSight can only work with an automatic, or CVT. It is an additional safety factor that really works.

    Of course do what you please, I'm not trying to sell you. I'm just trying to correct the misconception that EyeSight takes over the driving for you. You still drive the car, even use the paddle shifters if you wish. But that extra co-pilot is nice.
    2018 Crosstrek 2.0i Premium, Sunshine Orange w/ Eyesight, Moonroof, Homelink Mirror, Change Assist, Blindspot Detection, Whippet in cargo area

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    Last month I test drove a Mustang GT manual....first time in over 20 years since I drove the manual. It was totally invigorating! My back "goes out" unannounced at least once a year. During these spells I am totally thankful for the automatic tranny since my back's issue affects my clutch leg. During these spells I can barely get in and out of my car let alone operate the clutch. But if it weren't for that, I would for sure have the manual since I believe that it completes the driving experience!!!!!

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    I've been a manual purist my whole life, but decided to go CVT on the Crosstrek, mainly because I wanted the extra fuel efficiency, but also because I found X-mode in my wife's Forrester to be very handy when navigating steep snow-covered hills. I've had the car for about 3 months now, and don't miss manual at all. The CVT doesn't give the same experience of intimacy with the car, but having the CVT definitely makes it easier to deal with traffic. It's an even tradeoff.

    However, I have been very disappointed with the mileage with the CVT, which is nowhere near what Subaru claims even with very conservative driving. Both highway and city driving #s are about 3 mpg lower than claimed. It makes me think my fundamental reason for getting the CVT was based on fake numbers.

    Based on this, for me personally, the choice of manual vs. CVT is a toss-up, except that you have to pay an extra $1k for the CVT. I neither have nor want EyeSight, so this was not a factor in my own decision.

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    With a manual you can keep the revs up if you want more spirited performance (at the cost of some fuel economy). The CVT will actively work to prevent that, keeping your fuel mileage optimized at the cost of some performance.

    Quote Originally Posted by lightbg View Post
    The best part is pulling up to a resturaunt and watching the vallet admit he can't drive a stick.
    Manual transmissions: Best defense against carjacking in the USA.

    One time I pulled my Acura into a car wash, and after about three minutes the kid came out and said, "Your car won't start." Hm, really? So I went out there with him and he turned the key and nothing happened. I said, "Did you push in the clutch?"

    "The whuuut?" (Lightbg, you're old enough to remember Maynard G. Krebs. He sounded just like that.) I wound up having to pull the car into the wash bay for them, and out again when the wash was complete.

    Another time I took my Honda to the dealer for an oil change. The girl at the service podium went to start it up and get the mileage. She knew enough to push in the clutch to start the car, but she did not know to check if the car was in gear, so as soon as she started the engine she let the clutch out, and the car screeched its tires and stalled. (Fortunately there was nothing parked directly in front of it.)

    I took my wife's Forester to a different car wash one day, and the kid there popped the clutch and ran it into another car. It cost the car wash about $700 to straighten and refinish her front bumper. (The kid came out of the car lying his head off, which was disappointing. "Your brakes don't work!" Oh really? I just drove it here and managed not to hit any other cars.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwasifar View Post
    "The whuuut?" (Lightbg, you're old enough to remember Maynard G. Krebs. He sounded just like that.)
    I remember his other catch phrase...."Work"...."Work?"

    Yes, I am a child of the 50's. It cracks other pilots up at our fly-ins when I take out my two DJI drones that are named "Boris" and "Natasha".


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    Medical studies have shown operating a MT helps to stave off certain forms of dementia as one approaches middle age ...that and beer consumption

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