Model Year 2012 to 2017 16 hybrid touring clicking noises from front while turning

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    16 hybrid touring clicking noises from front while turning

    Hey gang,

    Mechanic says lower control arms need to be replaced but isn't completely confident this is the problem.

    My thinking is start there if they are worn anyway but would like to hear your theories and experiences (I've read through the threads too).

    A little background - just rolled over 100K, has been making noise for a month or longer. AHHHHHHHHHHH

    Where should I shop for these? Is it safe to assume that I need not only the arms but all extraneous parts associated (bushings, etc)?

    Many thanks!

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    The control arm bushings are prone to wear on most 2008ish+ Subarus, its just a weird design that is bound to crack or fail over time.
    However, that wouldn't give you any clicking noises or anything related to turning. If anything you might hear creaks or clunks when going over bumps or changes in terrain (but at that point they are already failed)

    You are probably hearing axles clicking. Its very common that Subarus need the front axles replaced once they are at 100k miles (or less even depending on driving habits).
    My recommendation is to only use OEM axles. Aftermarket/reman ones are generally less quality, might only last you 20k miles.
    However, OEM axles can be quite expensive (over $300 each).
    If you are going to have the dealer work on the car, well youre going to have a large bill regardless.
    If you are planning to do the work yourself, i recommend getting lighly used OEM axles from a junkyard/ebay.
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    Thanks, elislider. Somehow I just saw your reply - after having the driver's side control arm replaced, of course.

    I'm taking her to my truck's mechanic tomorrow, hopefully. Will mention your suggestion of bad axles.

    Is it CV axles? I think that's what the other mechanic suggested after replacing the control arm failed to alleviate the clicking.

    Are the parts year specific or is it the same part for a range of years?

    Thanks again - appreciate your input!

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    It is definitely one or both of the CV Axles. Mine started clicking at about 45K and is in the shop now and under warrantee, only because my Credit Union car broker gifted me the Subaru Added Security at 4 years/60K. I would've been too cheap to buy it at 500 bucks. My '99 Outback started clicking (more like hammering) at 150K.

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