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View Poll Results: Have you had paint problems?

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  • Yes.

    14 28.57%
  • No.

    35 71.43%
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Thread: Have you had paint problems? A poll.

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    Apr 2018
    Chicago, IL
    God, yes. I was doing a post-winter pressure wash yesterday and it REALLY highlighted the paint chips that are all over the hood leading edge and front bumper. There's also a big one on the lower metal fender area just behind my left front wheel. Thankfully my car is black so the chips on the bumpers aren't so noticeable.

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    Jun 2018
    Oakland, CA. A great place.
    2018 Orange Limited. 11 k miles. No chips. Paint looks good. My 2007 Corolla (Silver) seemed to have lots of chips on the plastic from early on so I'm kinda aware of them as a problem. I'm in SF Bay area and it is rarely baking hot and never colder than 30 degrees and bug strikes are pretty minimal though. Just returned from off roading in Carrizo Plain and my front end was peppered with hundreds of bugs. Local birds landed on grill as soon as it cooled to dine. Before I could get home and wash it we ended up driving through a small hailstorm (go figure) I found most of the bugs gone, the paint looked fine. As the skydiver once said on the way out of the plane: "So far, so good."

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    Oct 2018
    2014 pearl flake white with 60K on it. A good bit more chipping than I saw on my previous cars with similar use (1970 Javelin, 1985 Escort GT, 1987 Escort GT, 1984 Fiero, 2000 Exterra, 2008 Exterra, 2006 Honda Accord, 2010 Forester, 2012 MB ML350). It chips easier than any car I have owned, but not so much so that I would call it defective. I think the modern environmentally friendly paint is a bit less durable, but I'm OK with it, if it really is better for our world

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    Jul 2017
    I don't know that I'd consider chips to be a good indicator of an "issue". Where I live, they liberally apply sand and salt to the roads in winter. Paint chips are inevitable. My Focus had them the first winter I owned it. I honestly don't really care if it chips. I care about it rusting. Just my two cents.

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    Jan 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    2018 Venetian Red Crosstrek.

    1 year and 20,000 miles severe chipping on front fenders and hood. Dealer and Subaru claimed that this was normal wear and tear and not repairable under terms of the warranty. Dealer agreed to repaint the car as a courtesy. Dealer claimed cost of repainting to be $2100. I asked, and then Subaru agreed to give me $2100 credit towards the purchase of a 2019 car. After some degree of anguish due to nasty and condescending sales manager at the dealer I was able to trade the 2018 for a 2019 with identical options for a total of $3000 which included all fees and sales tax. By the time that the deal as concluded I had owned the 2018 for 15 months. Currently the 2019 car (Venetian Red) is 4 months old and 4000 miles with not a single chip.
    That's interesting. If your experience is representative, it sounds like maybe they fixed a problem.

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    Nov 2018
    Alpharetta, GA, USA
    2019 - Dark Grey Metallic. Driving about 6 months. Two long highway trips, but otherwise just around town. No chips. I even went out to inspect thinking that my color may be good at hiding them.

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