Should I sell factory tires and rims?

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Thread: Should I sell factory tires and rims?

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    Member boarder454's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    Central Connecticut, USA

    Should I sell factory tires and rims?

    I am curious if I should sell my factory tires and rims, they have about 5000 miles on them and I already have someone interested.

    I got the method and grabber set up and plan on running that until I sell the car in a couple years(3-4years) should I keep the factory setup to go back to when the time comes? Would I be able to sell the car with the different setup on the car? Will it hurt the value of the car so much that i should definitely keep the factory?

    Just curious about other people's opinions and I'm sure this will help people scrolling through the forum as well.

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2015
    Elkin NC
    I'm the same boat. Just put some team dynamics. I'll prob keep mine as a backup in case I decide to trade. Although I plan to drive this one till I wear it out. Had it less than a year and a half and at 53k now.

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    Senior Member vahallaoven's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
    New England
    Depends on who you sell it to. If you sell it back to Subaru they will probably take a ding off your price just because it's missing OEM wheels. If you are selling to third party, the question is whether or not they knows/cares about the wheels. Hard to say how much the price will drop because of the lack of wheels but you could always just buy another set at that point and put them on. I wouldn't worry too much about it till you are ready to sell.

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    Senior Member OrangeCrush's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    THE state of Colorado
    Keep 'em. I'm doubting those Grabbers will be as helpful as a set of good winter tires. Get some winters, slap them on the OEM rims, enjoy.
    When you get to selling, add 500.-1000.+ for the inclusion of the winters on OEM and Grabbers on Methods.

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    It might be worth holding onto them unless you don't have the space to store them. Not only will you have a set of back up rims and tires in case something happens, but you're less likely to take a hit when you trade in the Crosstrek if you put everything back to stock, including the rims. You shouldn't have any trouble selling the Methods to another Crosstrek owner in any few years when you sell your 'trek.

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    I kept them. Like yours, about 5K miles. While I could recoup a buck now, should I trade in or sell, I'll loose that money on trade in, as well as I could put them back on, and trade it in as I bought it with like new tires. Also they have the TPMS sensors still (bought tires and wheels mounted) so I don't want to lose those, as that's another cost + programming.
    Plus, could use it as a set of winter wheels, a spare set should you be in a financial, or situational jam and can't get some new tires.

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    Senior Member Closed Case's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by boarder454 View Post
    Just curious about other people's opinions and I'm sure this will help people scrolling through the forum as well.
    Reading through the posts, you grasp 3 important points

    TPMS $$$ and in some states having a warning light on will not allow the vehicle to pass inspection and be registered by new owner
    Stock look on resale are cool but in 3-10 years from now no one will remember [young kids modding]
    Luxury of having dry, low humidity space to store tires/rims correctly for years [rubber has a shelf life too] reread first bullet point

    I've kept OEM rims on other vehicles and it was more a pain in the arse and basement space then thinking about the $200 I'd gain negotiating. In some instances, the dealership is so desperate to make a deal into a new vehicle they just over look your ride and chisel out a clean complicated deal with verbiage paving over real costs. They will not over look warning lights on a dash or peripherals pertaining to safety. Those TPMS come at a premium. They'll note that.

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