Are lifts DIY-able??

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Thread: Are lifts DIY-able??

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    Are lifts DIY-able??

    Pretty straight forward question, are lifts able to be done by yourself? If so do they come with instructions? I am moderately mechanically inclined, but have never done anything with suspension before...

    Reason I ask is because I got a quote from a shop for a grand in labor, not including parts. (I dont know about you but I dont have two thousand for a 1.5 inch lift when I can possibly do it myself for 675 in parts)

    Looking at the LP aventure lift right now but primitive racing lift looks good too.(cant decide between springs or spacers)

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    I did mine myself. I have the Mann Engineering springs that give a 1" lift and Paranoid Fabrications 1" spacers, for a total of 2" of lift.

    Springs require a spring compressor (can be purchased or rented from most auto parts stores), while some spacers require you to hammer out the strut mount bolts to install longer ones.

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    I did a 1" Spring and 1"spacer lift along with a 2" rear subframe drop. There were no instructions, but I did it all myself, without specialty tools aside from the spring compressor, needed only if you are doing a spring swap. I used the Service manual for some diagrams and familiarize myself.
    The subframe drop was definitely the most work. Followed by the springs as taking apart and compressing the springs and disassembling and reassembling them took a bit. The Strut spacers themselves are really easy to do.
    It took me about a day. I did it all myself, and am a big guy and there was a lot of exerting myself on components to compress suspension bits to get them all back in. It would have been made easier with a friend, or even taking the springs and struts off to a shop to have them done as that took a while for a rather simple job.
    Frankly, nothing is really difficult, and sort of makes sense on how it all goes together once you have the parts laid out.

    This is roughly what was done from memory. I had meant to do a guide as I didn't see one, but doing it solo, I really didn't have a photographer, and most of the pics would have been a sweaty me cursing ha ha ha

    For the rear subframe
    Remove tires
    Remove struts
    Remove fuel tank guards
    Remove the forward arms of the rear subframe
    Place a jack under the rear "pumpkin"
    Loosen the 4 or 6 main sub frame bolts with factory spacers and remove them almost until they are out
    Lower jack under pumpkin and replace bolts and spacers with those supplied from kit (the jack is used to support the unit. You want to take out the bolts and replace them and the subframe spacers one at a time to keep the rear end in place, or your going to have a big heavy object to try and align to bolt back up.)
    Replace struts (with new springs mounted and/or spacers) (as the new struts will be taller than the orginals, I kept some slack in the subframe bolts so I could more easily squeeze in the strut units)
    Replace the forward arms of the sub frame along with spacers
    Bolt and torque to spec
    Place tires back on

    Mounting Strut spacers/Springs
    One you've removed the units from the car, tap out the pressed in studs (use a socket wider than the bolt head and firmly tamp the studs out) and replace with the new spacer and hardware.
    If you're replacing springs, compress the springs, remove the tophats, swap springs prior to putting on the top hats. (this is where the time was added as I had to basically compress the old set of springs, remove the compressors, then compress the new springs to mount them back)

    I hope this helps you a little bit in understanding and narrowing your decision. While complex, I am really happy for having gone with the new springs. If you just do the Mann Engineering 1' lift springs or the 1" Strut spacers, you won't have to touch the subframe.

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    also take a look at Anderson design fabrication ADF - Subaru Lift kits & Off-road Accessories . I like how he designs the correction for camber on the front spacers to avoid any issues with alignment.

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    Me and a friend made our own 3/8 rear spacers from a cutting board
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    With the right tools and know-how, anything is DYI-able. But if you don't know what you are doing, have never held a wrench in your life, this is not the best project to learn on.

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    Got my ADF 2 inch kit put on last weekend. No pics yet

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    I did my 1" ADF lift in 2 hours with a mate. No special tools needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
    With the right tools and know-how, anything is DYI-able. But if you don't know what you are doing, have never held a wrench in your life, this is not the best project to learn on.
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