2016 crosstrek vs 2016 Honda Civic touring..

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  • 2 Post By vahallaoven

Thread: 2016 crosstrek vs 2016 Honda Civic touring..

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    2016 crosstrek vs 2016 Honda Civic touring..

    Hello everyone. I am shopping for a new car with in the next few weeks. I am a Honda and Subaru fan for a long time. I never owned a Subaru but my sister has a outback and loves it. I keep going back and forth between the new touring model of the civic. Led head lights, turbo engine, Honda sensing, nav ect for about 24300.00 before TTL. Then I always loved the crosstrek ever since it came to the US. We have a 2010 Crv that my wife drives. I will be commuting about 20 miles to and from work a day. I live in NJ so snow is hit or miss. Some years we get hit hard and others nothing. I have 2 kids ages 6 and 11. I think the younger side side of me wants the civic(I'm 40) and the adult side wants a crosstrek....

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    Do you go to places where you need the extra ground clearance and the AWD? Snow tires can easily fix problem with snow in NJ so AWD isn't a must in your case. Honda does have better MPG so it seems better for your commute.

    As for safety, both cars have the same rating from IIHS but I'm more partial toward EyeSight than Honda Sensing. EyeSight's technology seems more mature than other brand's but no one really go around comparing them to really tell.

    Ultimately it's your lifestyle that define which car you should go for. If you are outdoorsy and go to places with crappy roads than Crosstrek is better for you. If you only stay on city roads then Civic touring matches your lifestyle better.

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    Thanks for the reply.. Yeah Im not really the camping type. I love the look of the xv and the fact its been out for a few years. Civic has a few problems in the first year release. I also like the HRV but it already seems dated before it came out. No honda senseing, android auto, led lights ect. I found a 2016 crosstrek fully loaded with 3k miles on it. Im.going to try for 24k for the car. If they bit I might jump on it.

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    Dec 2014
    Do you go to places where you need the extra ground clearance and the AWD? Snow tires can easily fix problem with snow in NJ so AWD isn't a must in your case. Honda does have better MPG so it seems better for your commute.

    Agree with vahallaoven

    If you like to get Off the beaten path,take the Roads Less traveled I Highly Rec the Cross Trek

    My partner and I thought the Honda Fit would make a Great choice for us,and it was in the short term, great gas mileage,ample cargo space, but for Long trips it clearly
    didn't pass muster, we both felt exhausted after a 6 plus hour drive,even though both drove an equal amount of the time

    Yes some say they will both drive the same with 4 winter tires.... This Guy is here to tell you, "Simply Bollux " Put 4 winters on Any Subbie and it will Climb the side of a Building for you

    The ride,handling,safety,value for money is Far and away Superior in a Subaru, this is our 2nd Subaru we both love it

    Another issue you might want to keep an eye on is below,also keep watching NOAA site as well for Forecasts of 2016 Weather due to the Rebound effect of El Nino

    News - El Niño peaks, but hangs in as major player for Winter 2016 - The Weather Network

    Weather network and NOAA are both predicting a Much Worse winter than North America has seen in quite some time

    Road test them both and see for yourself what thousands of New Subaru owners are already enjoying " My partner and I are two of them"

    “Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand--and melting like a snowflake...”

    ― Francis Bacon

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    My wife had 2007 Civic. It was the worst car in the snow ever. We live in greater Syracuse, NY area. It would always get stuck. She traded it for a CRV. That SUV is great in snow. I wanted even more clearance so I got the crosstrek. I don't know how much snow you get but the civic is not good in snow even with snow tires.

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    Boy, those are two pretty different vehicles. If you're just looking for an urban commuter, my guess is that you'll initially be happier with the Civic ... at least until you encounter a situation where you discover it would be nice to have the Crosstrek's added capabilities. (Not just in terms of clearance and AWD, but having the utility of a hatch vs. a sedan.)

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    Ultimately it comes down to whether you need AWD or if you can live without it. I have to get to work no matter the weather, calling off is not an option for me. And the Crosstrek got me to work last year at 5 am in a blizzard that already dumped 18" of snow which was coming down so fast that plows were unable to keep up. The car plowed though a snowbank that was blocking the exit from my parking lot (created by a passing plow) like it wasn't even there.

    Of course with AWD you have the drawbacks: less MPG, more complicated system, more maintenance, if your tire blows and you can't fix it, you have to replace all 4 (in most scenarios), etc.

    But long story short, you're looking at it the wrong way. There's no younger side vs adult side to this decision. All that matters is what you want vs what you need. If you want the Honda but need the XV, you should get the XV. If you want the Honda and don't need the XV, you should get the Honda.

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    I had a Honda Civic and got rid of it because it was useless in the snow. My Infiniti G35 got around better in the slippery stuff. The Honda Civic and the Crosstrek are very different vehicles. I'm very satisfied with my Crosstrek and can't imagine driving anything else.

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    Have you driven both vehicles on the same day so the memory of each is fresh? My adult son had a Civic and his wife now has a CRV. I find them rather boring cars to drive. I like the way Subarus handle the road much better, though I could see someone who fancies power over handling preferring the Honda's turbo. Go for which ever one is a better match for your driving preferences.

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    And that's why I traded my '07 civic for the xv

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