Sound Deadening, different in 14 Crosstreks Vs Imprezas

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Thread: Sound Deadening, different in 14 Crosstreks Vs Imprezas

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    Feb 2014

    Sound Deadening, different in 14 Crosstreks Vs Imprezas

    Our new premium crosstrek will be delivered on the 3rd. We are very excited to get it. I did quite a bit of research between the impreza and the crosstrek before committing to buy, and during that process I read review after review that stated the road noise in the impreza was a big deal. In fact, I think it was mentioned in every review I read on the Impreza. However, the reviews on the crosstreks I read either did not mention it or it was mentioned in passing and as more of a minor issue. I came away with the impression that the crosstrecks did not have the noise issue as bad as the impreza. When I test drove the crosstrek I was paying keen attention to how loud the vehicle was and was pleasantly surprised it was not as bad as I was expecting. Is there a difference in the two vehicles, is there a difference in the premium to the base? And how annoying is this for those of you who own a 14 premium?

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    Welcome aboard man. If you would of road tested the XV and a Impreza back to back you could have seen the difference for yourself. Everyone has a different impression as to what is noisy. I road tested an XV and an Outback back to back and the results were Outback more quiet and a softer ride but the XV beat it in everything I was looking for in a new vehicle.

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    Super Moderator jamesxv's Avatar
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    Ontario, Canada
    I thiink the consensus is the '13 and earlier XV definitely could use some sound deadening. Mine could for sure. I've read that '14 Hybrid have more sound deadening. I play my music above normal levels at times and my wife complains that you can hear the music from the outside as clear as day as if you were on the inside.

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    Subaru XV Forum

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Since none of the reviews I've read take any sound level measures (ie no quoted db levels), I think it's more expectations than anything else. If the journalist thinks it's going to be quiet and turns out to be a little louder, then the noise level is high! On the other hand, if the expectation is for noise and it turns out to be quieter, then the noise level is low!

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    Dec 2013
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    I bought a Crosstrek 2013 with automatic. Love the height of the car and handling. I've taken this car on a 2 hour trip on the highway, and I was just drained form the loud rumbling road noise. Even Consumers Report stated it's a problem. The car ride is very hard, a little too hard for me. If you live in snow country or travel mountain dirt roads this car is ideal. For me living in Florida I wished I purchased a Kia Soul!

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    Senior Member The Rog Man's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Edmonton Alberta Canada
    My 2004 Ford ranger was dead quiet compared to my 14 XV Sport.
    Subaru could have done a much better job in many areas road noise being one of them but i still love my XV.
    2014 XV Crosstrek
    Jasmine Green Metallic

    LED interior bulb swap,modified OEM mudflaps
    Euro front plate,6K LED fogs
    A real horn,sill protectors,mesh grill
    JDM overlays,Scan gauge II
    TapTurn triple flasher,
    lower intake screen, debadgeing
    Tweeter upgrade, Side door moldings,
    Plasti dipped XV badge


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    USA (San Antonio, Texas)
    A wise man once told me not to complain about road noise lest your car decide to throw some other noises at you...

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    Feb 2014
    Bufflalo NY area
    Check your tire pressures too. My 2014 had the tires overinflated to 40psig when I got it. Makes for a louder, more harsh ride for sure.
    2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek 2.0i premium, 5spd. Desert Khaki, black interior.
    Previous: 2012 Subaru Legacy premium 2.5i CVT

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    Senior Member long_road's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Charlotte, NC
    I never imagined I'd see the words "I wish I purchased a Kia Soul!" strung together in that order...

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    Senior Member ZED1's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
    Sunny Coast, QLD
    Welcome aboard. Agree with PoManz about tyre pressure, sure makes a difference. I am running 34-36 psi.

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