A review of the 2018 Crosstrek's Subaru Global Platform (on a 2017 Impreza)

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Thread: A review of the 2018 Crosstrek's Subaru Global Platform (on a 2017 Impreza)

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    A review of the 2018 Crosstrek's Subaru Global Platform (on a 2017 Impreza)

    A most of know the XV and the Impreza have A LOT of things in common. Also, these two models share a lot of things with the other Subaru models as well.

    It looks like that's going to continue with the use of Subaru's Global Platform across all models (except for the BRZ). Here's a nice article on what we can expect to see in the new Global Platform and how it translated to the Impreza which I'm assuming will more or less move to the XV as well!

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    Some quotes from the article -
    • That platform will underpin every one of the brands new models for the next 10 years. That means XV, WRX, Forester, Liberty, Outback, hybrid models and even fully electric cars. So, swapping out parts from one model to the next should be able to continue
    • The Impreza is 95 per cent new, from its 2.0-litre direct-injection boxer engine and CVT transmission down to the instruments. So most of the XV will probably follow this as well.
    • the new car is 10mm lower, 35mm longer and has a 25mm longer wheelbase that provides an extra 26mm of rear legroom. The boot is also bigger by five litres.
    • Its the same with the chassis, which is far more rigid and has even been engineered to survive the worlds toughest new crash test an American invention that slams a 2.5-tonne SUV into the nose of the Impreza at 90km/h.
    • The best thing to say about the new Impreza is that it does not remotely feel like a Subaru. Its quiet, calm and plush, more like something upscale-ish call it an Audi A4. Its completely lost the feel of a tin can on wheels, and the chassis is so good that the basic Impreza feels significantly underpowered. That means the next WRX should really be a stonker.
    • Im still not a fan of the CVT transmission, though it is much quieter in all conditions and is almost free of flaring at full throttle.
    • It needs air vents for the back seats and there is no space in the tail for a full-sized spare
    • The seats are well shaped and supportive, the dash looks good and displays all the information without being confusing, and even the visibility in all directions is good.

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    Good read and I'm glad to see the development pit into it. Who knows, as other models come out on the new chassis maybe they will have other higher-end features. The global platform should help Subaru save a lot of money in the long run as they don't need to develop many many chassis (a problem GM once had). I'm looking forward to test driving one in the future.

    Although I'm not sure why the writer doesn't like the CVT....

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    Quote Originally Posted by orndog View Post
    But I like the quirkiness.
    But with the Global Platform, you can better custom design the quirkiness as you should be able to use MORE parts from other models in the cars (like LEGO). Also, I would think that the aftermarket stuff should increase as it should be simpler for them to create the part as it will fit across models.

    I think the biggest I see is that the ALL of the models may handle very similarly at least in the early years until the engineers get to some real customization on a model by model standpoint.

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    Other than the BRZ of course, Subaru has been a two platform shop anyway. The WRX/STi doesn't handle like an Impreza doesn't handle like a Crosstrek doesn't handle like a Forester.
    Same DNA but pretty different cars.

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    This article didn't really dive into the whole concept of global platform beyond the obvious. Yes, it save money with one platform vs. two but that doesn't require 1 billion dollar to do. The real thing they did with this new chassis is a stronger, lighter, lower center of gravity body. CVT and the engine is just along for the ride. They update those two parts of the car all the time that we see some modification in mid cycle XV. However, having a better chassis overall helps the design team focus on other part of the car that is build on top of it.

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