2013 Crosstrek - 63,000 Kms, Rust on all 4 Doors

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Thread: 2013 Crosstrek - 63,000 Kms, Rust on all 4 Doors

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    Post2013 Crosstrek - 63,000 Kms, Rust on all 4 Doors

    Hi, I live in Montreal where they use a lot of salt on the roads and our winters are long so after a few years (8-10) I would expect to see some rust spots on a car. I've had the Crosstrek for 4 years and all 4 doors have started to rust at the bottom of the door. Probably rusting from the inside where the water sits. What frustrates me is that I had the dealer rust proofing done on the car before it was even delivered but that didn't even stop the rust.

    Anyone else seen this?? Dealer contacted Subaru Canada and they are sticking with their 3 year/ 60,000 km warranty for rust which I have gone past. Now I have to fight seeing that this is clearly not normal.


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    Sorry to hear about your problem but that's really something new - the reports of rust anywhere (except the muffler) are really rare.

    So, let me get this straight.... the car has 63,000 km, and you had it rust proofed by the dealer.

    For one thing, I can see why Subaru is sticking to their warranty as rust proofing has been applied by a 3rd party (yes, the dealer offered it but I'll bet it was done at a local shop and marked up rather than anything Subaru corporate offered) so Subaru didn't have any control on their work (ie. the 3rd party could have made a mess of the drain holes and the water just sat behind the body panels rather than draining out). First question would be - how do you know that the dealer actually contacted Subaru? Just because they said they did, doesn't mean that they actually did....

    The second thing would be - since the dealer 'applied' rust proofing, what was their warranty on the work? Doesn't the dealer stand behind their recommendation of rust proofing?

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    Ouch! That really sucks. As rlouie already suggested, you should go after the dealer and/or what ever 3rd party they may have contracted to do the rust proofing. Good luck!

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    I dont know if anyone else notice this, but when I wash my car on any type of a slight slope my doors fill up with water and it pours out the drain holes when i open the doors to dry the door frames after the wash. it is like the doors need another set of drain holes in the back.

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    2013 Crosstrek - 63,000 Kms, Rust on all 4 Doors

    This is disturbing. I had an 04 Mazda 3, that was ultimately taken over by rust. It was a great car otherwise, and I always said it would have been the perfect ride if it had AWD. That is what made me go for Subaru. I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I would also contact the Sons of Anarchy, and see what they are prepared to do. I'm thinking anything short of a paint strip, rust treatment and respray isn't going to cut it. That said, I don't think they will just roll over and do the right thing. I got my car through my brother, who worked for Subaru. He informed me that any extra paint protection is nothing but bunk, and about 400% markup. The claims they make about acid rain etc., are ridiculous. I can't see 3k above warranty being a deal breaker. I've seen a program or infomercial from a company in Canada, that did some serious rustproofing, but don't recall the name. I'm guessing your area is brutal on a vehicle. My car is new currently, and I think I'm going to attempt to spend some extra time on the door jams after washing. Maybe seeing that I get a heavier coat of wax in there. I can't delude myself though, with my past experience. I'm really hoping something works out for you.

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    Sorry to hear this, having been in Service, both as a writer and later S/Mgr, you need to get your dealer to contact the Subaru District Rep and
    work your way up.... Yes it sounds silly, stand your ground on this, Subaru Should make this Right, 3K as others have stated is Not a Major Deal to Subaru Corporate, what
    they Don't want to see is you Making a Huge Fuss Publicly,ie This Forum and Others, even the Local press/Media on this ???

    Makes No sense to this guy, the other thing is the Car has a 5 yr Unlimited KM Perforation warranty.... this one could be argued in Court if they really want to have a Customer
    relations battle on their Hands..... This guy is Betting they WILL MAKE IT RIGHT !!

    When I worked for Nissan and Toyota, both would look after older models with rust Out Conditions, with out batting an eyelid"Keep the Customer Happy" Guess what those folks
    came back and purchased another of the Brands models for making good on the repair" That's What Good Will Is For" ??

    Please keep us posted on how this turns out for you, I for one would be interested, as I own the Same CWP (2015 version)

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