SAT NAV boot hangs on Caution screen

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    UnhappySAT NAV boot hangs on Caution screen

    I have an Australian MY12 manual XV. It has developed a SAT NAV problem that I have been unable to match with any thread on this forum or elsewhere. On my XV model, whenever the Map option is selected, the Caution message screen appears with the booting dots passing across the screen for a few seconds before the 'Agree' touch button becomes live. A couple of days ago, the system began to 'hang' during the booting process, that is, the Caution screen displays with the progress dots constantly moving across the screen but the 'Agree' touch button never comes live. There has been no change since the problem emerges ie the map option always hangs on the Caution screen after any re-start of the car.

    All radio and audio functions seem to be working fine. I have followed the manual's steps to remove, clean and re-insert the SD card. No change in the symptoms. There was no apparent dirt/dust or corrosion on the SD card terminals.

    The car was serviced by a dealer almost two weeks ago. I can't be sure that this issue arose the first time the map option was used after the servicing or developed subsequent to the servicing. I don't think the servicing will have required any disturbance of the SAT NAV system or disconnection of the battery. Since the servicing we have done nothing to the vehicle except drive it.

    About four months ago there were occasions when the map display would freeze intermittently. After a car re-start the map would function normally. For whatever reason, the freezing problem has not been evident recently.

    Any suggestions before I go chasing a dealer?

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    Hi Tessa, I have an MY12 Australian XV too... sounds like it may be the sd card itself.
    They have been known to stop working properly and cause strange things to happen. Others have reported here in the forums a few issues with the sat nav, and it almost always has been the sd card.
    When my XV was fairly new, it also started freezing etc and then the voice stopped working. Thankfully that was under warranty back then, and my dealership put in a new card and it's been working perfectly fine ever since.

    The Subaru sd card is quite expensive, but it can be substituted with a Toyota sd card that apparently you can get on eBay for a lot cheaper.
    XV Sat Nav Map updates
    This is an extremely long thread about the Aussie sat nav, but towards the end of it it has info about the Toyota card.

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    Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for the suggestion that it may be a faulty SD Card and the link to the SAT NAV thread. At least at this point I'm very reticent to implement a non-Subaru solution.

    I removed the SD Card (according to the instructions) and inserted it in my PC. The PC had no issues reading the card. I also downloaded and installed the Subaru/HERE update toolkit. The toolkit says the NAV system was first used 30.07.2016?? I've been using it since 2012. Strangely, the available updates button was greyed-out which is meant to occur when the card has the latest maps. I've submitted a number of questions to HERE.

    Also rang a local Subaru dealer (I happen to be interstate away from home). I was advised to do a firmware update using a USB stick. I don't think the person knew what they were talking about. Additionally, no answer to the question of where to buy a new SD Card.

    May be some one reading this can shed some light on the situation.

    UPDATE: Email response from HERE saying they only started supporting the XV in 2013. Phone call to Subaru Australia and they say HERE supports the MY12 XV. Phone call to HERE and the Customer Service Rep has escalated my query. No response likely until Monday. I queried the Subaru Australia rep about the purchase of a new SD Card. He said it was possible but costs around AU$600. Ridiculous!!

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