2016 Crosstrek Trans slips dash does from D to 1

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Thread: 2016 Crosstrek Trans slips dash does from D to 1

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    2016 Crosstrek Trans slips dash does from D to 1

    Good day everyone,

    I am new to the site. I enjoy my 2016 crosstrek, but am having a random issue.

    From a stop, the car will randomly go from "D" on the dash board to "1". And during this time it will rev up and not move.
    This has happened 3 times already. Have about 9k on the car.

    The paddle shifters are not touched at this time and I have not used "manual mode" before. It seems like it is kicking randomly in, but that's a guess.

    Also not sure if related, but the center dash where the time and "mileage to go" counter is, will randomly display "1" and go back to the time and fuel left.

    Has anyone had these types of issues? I will eventually contact dealer, but difficult for them to diagnosis an intermittent issue. And I would like to have some direction to the cause.
    As when I had to deal with similar issue with a VW, the dealer was not helpful.

    Thank you for anything you can add to this mystery.

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    First I've heard of something like this happening.

    My first thought was that you accidentally put the shifter into "manual" mode without realizing it, but you seem to know better.

    Anyway, it sounds like some kind of gremlin that should be looked at by the dealer sooner rather than later.

    Sorry you're having this issue. Hopefully your dealer can quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

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    That is troubling indeed and I have also never heard of that happening before.
    You say random, but anything you can think of that is common to every time it has done this would be great. If there is nothing else in common and you truly do have a random gremlin you might be in for a long diagnosis. Hopefully somebody else or your dealer has heard of this.

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    It definitely seems like a gremlin. Since I have had witness see this happen. It seems very glitchy. I made an appointment, to see what they can find. If there are no heavy reports of this, I will not hold my breath.
    Prob have to get ride of at 3 year mark if it gets any worse. First new car. It was supposed to make it so I did not have these elaborate diagnosis.

    Thanks for your responses. If anyone has this issue, please let me know.

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    A Google search did turn up people with your issue going back to 2013 with outbacks,
    I didn't see any responses with the solution, some people were thinking it could be a short in the steering wheel.

    Never seemed to happen when people took the car to the dealer to have it checked.

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    It's probably a bad micro-switch either with the paddle shifters or the main shift knob that's causing a signal to be sent to the system telling it you want to shift. Try wiggling the steering wheel at a stop as well as wiggling the main shift knob to see if you can 'make' it happen.

    Does it happen when driving? ie. go from 'D' to '3' or '4'...

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    Only seems to do it from a stop to go scenario. With the dash going from "D" to "1"

    The center clock dash will go to "1" while driving and go back to displaying the time and fuel mileage after it has tweaked.

    These are different issues regarding the "1"

    short in steering wheel sounds plausible. We will see what the dealership finds.


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