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AUTO START STOP system needs to be checked

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I thought I'd share my experience with this issue on my XV.

It started slowly but eventually the auto start stop failed. I rang the dealer and he assured me that it was a know issue and it was safe to drive my XV until I could get it fixed. This was confirmed because every time I switched off the car, it would give me a visual confirmation that every thing was OK (Green). (So this was not one of those cases where I had to get it to a dealer ASAP...)

When I did get it fixed, it only took a few hours. And my XV has be fine so far. I'll update this blog if I have any further issues.

Here's a few things Subaru OZ have to say about the system fitted to the XV...

[I]A special starter and Inrush Current Reduction (ICR) relay are among the components supporting Auto Start Stop. The ICR relay stabilizes power supply during idle reduction, so instruments and displays do not flicker.

The starter in Lineatronic™ CVT Impreza and XV features tandem solenoids. Independent solenoids control the motor and the pinion gear connecting engine and motor rotation, ensuring rapid engine restart in as little as 0.2 seconds. An electric pump supplies oil to the forward clutch’s hydraulic circuit while the engine is stopped. This minimizes delay between engine restart and vehicle motion, producing smoother driving.

During Auto Start Stop operation, the air conditioner, navigation and audio systems are all fed by the auxiliary power supply.

Vehicles with Auto Start Stop are fitted with a long-life battery.

On XV manual variants, Hill Start Assist ensures Auto Start Stop operates safely on hills.

To avoid wasting electrical energy, the car’s electric power steering is turned off whenever the engine is automatically stopped.[/I]

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  1. Bluroo's Avatar

    I had the exact same problem . The car was a few days old .
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