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  1. Interior rattle
  2. Volume changes with source
  3. Crosstrek 2016 driver seat issues
  4. Heads-Up Display (HUD)?
  5. Question...the million dollar 6.2" head unit question...
  6. Inconsistent interior trim
  7. Bass Shakers under seats? Anyone tried this?
  8. Kicker Sub with full cargo nets, seatback protector, and cargo tray installed
  9. Door speakers have pitching or vibrating noise?
  10. Want to turn OFF the Audio Disply Unit Screen in a MY16?
  11. Tips for Installing Steering Wheel
  12. Rubber mat that sits underneath clock
  13. Removal of interior trims
  14. 2015 Limited with 7" nav screen won't keep a nighttime mode choice
  15. Guidance System voice...
  16. Bluetooth No Longer Working
  17. Head-Unit Screen Protection
  18. Starlink and Bluetooth non entertainment system
  19. A2DP not working (but Bluetooth phone working fine)
  20. Second guessing myself (2016 Premium with 6.2in Starlink)
  21. 2016 Crosstrek armrest
  22. Issues with the screen freezing on the radio until you re-start the car?
  23. Function of steering wheel buttons?...
  24. remove multifunction display
  25. Plastidip door sill guards?
  26. Steering wheel plastic
  27. painful driver's seat, are there alternatives
  28. Bluetooth Capability
  29. Installing new 2016 HU in 2013 XV
  30. StarLink?
  31. Seat belt warning chime - SRS Airbag Warning
  32. Rear Seat Head Rest Swivel...
  33. Microphone Not Working at all
  34. Under seat sub, Pioneer TS-WH500A
  35. Thinking about upgrading speakers in future
  36. Door lock question
  37. volume fade in/fade out problem
  38. 2016 6.2" Firnware Version?
  39. Mystery Rattle in 2016 Crosstrek with Upgraded Speaker
  40. Sirius Radio ID
  41. Aftermarket Radio 2015 trim in 2014 car
  42. 6.2 radio SD card?
  43. Custom Headliner
  44. Turn off Navigation voice
  45. Forget about Carplay and Andriod Auto, SDL is the future
  46. Need wiring diagram for 2016 Crosstrek Premium w/o nav for kicker sub install
  47. Center console USB port charging issue...
  48. Speaker or Audio upgrades?
  49. 37f???
  50. Factory radio protectant
  51. Highly recommended phone mount
  52. Update OS To Android
  53. So, do I have android auto?
  54. Video to the Head Unit.
  55. Aftermarket Powered Sub
  56. Part Number for High Grade MFD Upgrade
  57. JDM low profile headrests
  58. Phone goes mute after I leave car, can't get it to ring.
  59. Dashcam install and wiring
  60. So, is the 2016 6.2 Starlink radio working for ANYone?
  61. Anyone have tan WeatherTech floor mats in their XV?
  62. Speaker upgrade
  63. Subaru 7" Starlink Head Unit Sub Install Documentation
  64. 2016 w/Navigation?
  65. Need a better drivers seat.
  66. Terrible noise when iPhone connects to headunit!?
  67. Gracenote database update
  68. Adding Sirius to OEM Factory 2015 Crosstrek
  69. Received "Confirm Media" error when using iPod via USB - it was just working! Ideas?
  70. Switch installation
  71. EyeSight and E-Z Pass
  72. Dead Pedal
  73. Hybrid dashboard mpg readout reset
  74. Navigation Head Unit Satellite Radio Presets
  75. 2016 model - CarPlay comparability?
  76. Show me your 5MT STI shift knob
  77. OEM antenna?
  78. USB music playback on the OEM headunit is a buggy mess
  79. Kept stock head-unit- 2015 Crosstrek XV- Wired converter to driver side speaker wirin
  80. Car was broken into?????
  81. Where to "tap" into rear speakers but not on the door location
  82. Crosstrek Carpet Mats Question
  83. US Spec but need Thailand Navigation Map
  84. Multifunction Display
  85. Moisture on inside windshield
  86. 2016 Door Sills
  87. Quirky car alarm behavior
  88. Possible switch to Auto Climate Controls
  89. Backup Camera Instalation
  90. Upgrading the audio and installing a Thule bike rack to a 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek
  91. IPhone music not playing
  92. Scotchgard: Any way to SAFELY remove overspray from interior plastics?
  93. 2016, Bluetooth calls work, but not Pandora....
  94. 2016 Weathertech mats
  95. GPS Map update?
  96. power seats
  97. 2013 XV Radio Data System Issues
  98. Stock Headunit, Aftermarket Amp
  99. Call waiting goes straight to voicemail
  100. 2015 7" Nav System - Daylight Savings Time
  101. Iphone 5s applications doesn't sound while listen music from USB
  102. Sliver Gear Shifter Plate
  103. 2013 Crosstrek with Nav / Premium Sound - How do I delete old bluetooth connections
  104. Navi unit turn settings
  105. 15 7" radio, does not revert to last xm station after restart?
  106. MirrorLink & ios
  107. Missing Album Art for Sat Radio
  108. Bluetooth Frozen - how to reset
  109. Problem with radio in 2015 Subaru Crosstrek
  110. how do you guys stable the All-weather floor mat?
  111. Driver and passenger auto window switch
  112. Problems running Starlink Apps on Samsung Galaxy S5 and 2015 XV CrossTrek Limited
  113. Modifying/hacking the Head Unit
  114. Nobody seems to know..
  115. Amateur Radio Installation Location Input Requested
  116. Navagation and back up camera
  117. Flip key
  118. Bluetooth won't autoconnect, LG G3
  119. Bluetooth in my 2014 xv
  120. Different chime during Cold Start
  121. Something weird happened today with my Bluetooth audio/starlink
  122. SD Card Error? Nav radio GPS rear camera screen black with error message 633301 (?)
  123. Iphone 6 won't stay connected - 2014 XV
  124. Must-Have Free App for Drivers
  125. Cant control my iPhone's music through the vehicle controls
  126. Removing HD Radio TAG information
  127. Head unit cover
  128. Roof Antenna clearance...?
  129. Can 2012 1.6 BC model use S model dashboard speakers?
  130. Scotch Guard on Cloth Interior
  131. 2015 Crosstrek & iPhone 6... podcasts at startup?
  132. 3rd Party Navigation or phone help
  133. Sirius channels moving and unavailable.
  134. Bluetooth won't work for one caller?
  135. CB Radio For My Crosstrek?
  136. 2015 7" Startup Screen
  137. 2016 Shark Fin
  138. iPod iOS 9 issues with the Type B audio set??
  139. New interior trim pieces drivers side
  140. Floorliners: will they fit my 2016 Crosstrek?
  141. Pandoria Cuts out while playing
  142. Best Way to Clean Ivory Cloth Seats?
  143. Bluetooth music not working
  144. costco sheepskin seat covers
  145. Not Again!
  146. Bluetooth
  147. Upgrading from Nav head unit to what?
  148. Custom sliding rear seats?
  149. Help me find the part/part#
  150. Making Hands Free Calls
  151. Husky Weather Beater Floor mats/Liners
  152. Radio locks up after disconnecting from phone call
  153. GPS recommendations for center console space under radio
  154. Temporarily disable passenger occupancy sensor - any sensible way?
  155. Seat Covers from Autoanything..
  156. Ipod connection
  157. Complete Audio System Overhaul
  158. which speaker adapter brackets to buy?
  159. Anyone have any success getting the slideshow to work?
  160. New Center Arm Rest
  161. Adding OEM Sub, 110 volt power and remote start after the fact
  162. How do I dissable the seatbelt chime??
  163. Instrument cluster swap
  164. 2015 Limited w/Kicker upgrade - why do some things sound terrible?
  165. Need help disconnecting wiring harness in driver door
  166. Visors How Many Types
  167. 2016 Premium Interior - Orange Stitching
  168. Starlink phone app? Crashed Stat
  169. Plugging in iPhone crashes my headunit
  170. Bluetooth is extremely frustrating!
  171. How to keep the dash clean
  172. Regarding the A/C.....As It Turns Out.....
  173. Fat Mat installation
  174. Aftermarket speaker upgrade and amplifier?
  175. homelink
  176. Seat Belt Annoyance
  177. how do I fix a broken sunvisor pivot joint
  178. Questions on 'Premium Audio' and upgrading head
  179. Kicker upgrade VS Eyesight
  180. Play Video 2015 XV Fujitsu Head Unit?
  181. Radio channel Lock
  182. Mark Levinson front speaker update
  183. My phone mount setup
  184. Iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 can't load history call on XV2015 w/o nav
  185. Need brainstorming on attaching a rear dash cam to ceiling
  186. how to change a digital speedometer from KPH to MPH in a 2015 Crosstrek XV limited
  187. Nav System Update?
  188. 2015 Starlink and the speaker that goes *bing*
  189. Leather around the Emergency Break
  190. Navigation - no street names?
  191. How do I get rid of split screen display on the dashboard?
  192. Not receiving texts/emails on screen anymore...
  193. Base Starlink system - secret menus? Version updates?
  194. Suggestions for iPod/iPhone music solution
  195. The display will show text messages?
  196. Center Counsel
  197. Set up Pelican Cases in your Crosstrek!
  198. Looking at new HU hassle free
  199. Full audio upgrade
  200. Dashcam install in a 2015 Impreza Sport Premium
  201. Replacement center armrest
  202. Subaru Kicker Tweeters - Different item numbers?
  203. Antenna on 2015 Crosstrek
  204. What do you listen to the most? Poll inside...
  205. All Weather Floor Mats
  206. Alpine car fit with INE-W987D for 2015 XV fitting into 2014 questions
  207. What do you use to clean your dash?
  208. Anyway to get an extra inch or two of legroom in a Crosstrek? Thx
  209. 2013 CrossTrek Blue tooth not connecting properly
  210. Where do you put the trash bag in your XV?
  211. Ergo Tech Dog barrier/ dog gate
  212. AVH-4000NEX Installed
  213. Alpine self powered mini 8" sub woofer.
  214. Warning light question
  215. Reviews of the stock audio system/speakers for the various base builds?
  216. Upper Center Console?
  217. Found a Great Deal on 3D MAXpider Floor Mats on Amazon
  218. 2015 XV ipod connect
  219. Going further with your EQ
  220. Stained Center Plastic Lens
  221. Two average MPG displays??
  222. Reverse camera
  223. Deleting phone pairings in audio system
  224. Which speakers to replace factory ones - Best Value?
  225. iPod touch not connecting
  226. Crosstrek seats
  227. Speaker noise ideas
  228. EQ adjustment will not save
  229. phone contacts not downloading
  230. airbag/seat belt alarm/seat heats up when sweaty in passenger seat
  231. Add Navigation to 2015 Premium
  232. Audio harness sources
  233. The audio struggle is real lol
  234. What is "Premium Audio" Exactly?
  235. Reprogram so all doors unlock?
  236. Enter Diagnostics on Fujitsu Ten HU 2015 XV
  237. 2015 Radio Fail
  238. Initial bluetooth pairing issue
  239. Modify HU Software
  240. Upgrade to navigation(stock or aftermarket)
  241. Aha app disappeared from radio head unit
  242. Radio volume question
  243. Kicker hs8 under seat sub
  244. Uuugghhh... need advice on rain through open moonroof
  245. Carbon Wrap/Glossy Paint Idea in Interior
  246. Questions about Seat covers
  247. Fujitsu Ten Head Unit
  248. Subaru Leather Interior Owners!
  249. That new car smell.
  250. Broadway mirror with Eyesight possible?

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