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  1. USB organizing
  2. Wiring Harness
  3. Defog Issues
  4. WRX to Xv
  5. clicking sound on gear shifter
  6. How noisy is your XV's interior compared to the exterior?
  7. Front and Rear Parking Sensor + MFD Parking Sensor: XV 2.0i (AUS)
  8. Galaxy S5 and Nav Head Unit Replays Old Text Messages
  9. Steering Wheel Cover
  10. Help with rearview camera installation?
  11. DYI Custom fiberglass 12" JL Audio sub enclosure and light relocation part 1
  12. Anyone tried the WeatherTech All Vehicle Front & Rear Universal Mats?
  13. Where in the World is David Carter?
  14. Need some info
  15. seat belt bell shutoff
  16. Real Leather?
  17. USB on Navigation HU
  18. Aftermarket/Other Subaru model seat replacement?
  19. Warning about CF625UM Radio
  20. Parrot Asteroid Smart
  21. Flasher module
  22. Antenna 2014 Limited Crosstrek Radio with no Nav or XM
  23. Coin holder
  24. Replace to 2015 XV new oem Starlink touchscrren?
  25. Kicker upgraded speakers worth it?
  26. Satellite Radio question
  27. Upgrading Speakers, Thoughts on options
  28. Voice command- what exactly does it do?
  29. Rear View Camera and Navigation
  30. BT audio and USB
  31. USB Folder/File Organization Findings (Audiobook setup)
  32. New in-dash radio system?
  33. questions about floor liners
  34. USB find
  35. Black leather in ivory interior
  36. GPS for 2013 touring?
  37. Spotify, Pandora, etc...
  38. sound deadening fail
  39. Text/SMS retrieval problem
  40. Looking for advice on new 2014 crosstrek sound system
  41. anybody know if the stock (non nav) deck has a pre out for a sub?
  42. Cheap cabin filter
  43. CarPlay Available for Pioneer
  44. Center console organizer?
  45. Nav system cost
  46. Tablet installed
  47. ipod touch 16 GB connection problem with sub XV
  48. Wet Okole - on AutoAnything
  49. Dvd Headrests...Anyone have some?
  50. Discount on Accessories
  51. Removing dash blank to install switch
  52. Air filter change direction please !
  53. iOS8 & Bluetooth connectivity issues
  54. Replacing Steering wheel badge?
  55. Kicker subwoofer still too loud ?
  56. WeatherTech Drivers Side Photo?
  57. android car 200mm * 100mm
  58. Windows 8.1 Phone compatibility
  59. How to remove cubby in 2014 Crosstrek - scanner install
  60. Nokia 930 not getting TXT messages
  61. Passenger side airbag light
  62. 2014 XV Crosstrex Bluetooth Issue
  63. Spoken Commands - Can the voice be changed?
  64. Siri on the iPhone, iOS 8, "Hey, Siri!"
  65. New member with scanner mounting location question
  66. Need more coverage on drivers floor mats
  67. Dual Gauge Pod
  68. How to put it back?
  69. Gauges and A-Pillar Pods for Crosstrek XV
  70. Part number for steering wheel control housing...
  71. Time setting
  72. Black cloth above in the back of the steering wheel.
  73. Knowledgeable Audio member needed!!
  74. JBL Aftermarket speakers - GTO series and P6220S
  75. CD played
  76. Factory speaker upgrades worth it?
  77. Head Unit
  78. Alpine stereo replacement
  79. XV Bluetooth suddenly not readable
  80. Awaiting Kicker Delivery
  81. USB Port in center console
  82. Slow Bluetooth Connection
  83. speedometer/Odometer accuracy ????
  84. Bluetooth Not Placing Calls
  85. Value of premium model cloth seat skins?
  86. Accessing iPhone Contacts
  87. How to install audio amp?
  88. USB flash drive folder/file names
  89. Door Panels Fabric insert.
  90. Front passenger seat chime
  91. Changing Nav start up screen...
  92. 5-panel Panoramic Rally Mirror
  93. Help!!! Stereo/Navigation/Bluetooth/Back-up camera wont turn on.
  94. Rear cargo cover retracts itself
  95. Stock Radio Tweaks
  96. Tablet holders for Rear Seats
  97. Door Trim ??
  98. WTB "2014" U.S Limited Head Unit
  99. Dust getting inside (update w/pic)
  100. Apple Carplay
  101. Head Unit question
  102. Autodiming/Homelink Rearview mirror install on Canadian Sports trim
  103. Recaro Sport Touring Top-Line Leather Driver Seat
  104. Looking for antenna recommendations.
  105. Battery terminals?
  106. Self Installing New Audio in Doors/Dash
  107. 36 X 25 X 27 Dog Create
  108. Help with my subwoofer
  109. Blue Tooth Connectivity Lost Transferring Contacts
  110. buying new head unit. quick question.
  111. disabling over speed limit on pioneer nav system ??
  112. 10 inch kicker hideaway sub?
  113. Stark Performance CVT Paddle Shifter Extensions - Because Bigger is Better...
  114. Heads-Up Display Puts the App Info You Need On Your Windshield
  115. Radio (screen) lights dimming...
  116. Need 20-Pin Radio Connector
  117. Swap ivory for ebony interiors?
  118. Need some help - car audio questions
  119. Help w/ Climate Control Cables
  120. I finally got one! - CM631UD/86201FJ630 HU on eBay for $200
  121. Bluetooth Issues
  122. Upgrade from Auto Dimming Mirror to Auto Dimming with Homelink?
  123. Stainless Steel Pedal Pad Set
  124. Help putting door panel back on
  125. Spare tire subwoofer
  126. BT-A function-Multiple phones/devices
  127. Good color combos for Wet Okole seat covers in a black crosstrek w/ tan interior?
  128. JPM Alcantara Interior Pieces
  129. Auto door lock?
  130. Will the rear seatback protector interfere with Wet Okole seat covers?
  131. Writeup: Manual Shift Knob Replacement/Upgrade
  132. Cheaper Cabin Filter?
  133. Type A Head unit buttons
  134. Head unit options
  135. Dealer quotes for installation of Kicker speakers?
  136. clock always late
  137. Highly recommended phone mount...
  138. Please to have ALL functions of my iPhone 5s through Blue tooth?
  139. SD Cards for Eastern Europe
  140. Single DIN Dash Kit
  141. Info on Hybrid "Premium Sound System"
  142. Kenu Airframe
  143. Radio volume with windows open
  144. So what would you recommend?
  145. Driver side door speaker not working properly
  146. Weathertech Badges
  147. Dash cams.
  148. Text Scrolling?
  149. Car radio will not display Pandora info when streaming though bluetooth
  150. 2014 Crosstrek - Aftermarket NAV / Retain OEM Reverse Camera
  151. Bluetooth phone book question
  152. OEM radio replacement for 2014 XV
  153. Jensen VX7020 install
  154. Cleaning the A/C Evaporator and casing
  155. Android for car stereos
  156. Front speakers are lower than rear speakers?
  157. Interior Cleaning
  158. Cargo / dog compartment
  159. iPhone used to connect automatically w/ bluetooth..
  160. Successful OEM Nav Transplant in Non-Nav Equiped Car
  161. Line level converter?
  162. Had Clarion NX603 Installed
  163. Bluetooth connection problem?
  164. Navigation very difficult; iPod; hands-free frustrating
  165. Back Seat Covers?
  166. clicking from ac/vents?
  167. Parking Brake Wire In Dash For Non Nav Units?
  168. OEM USB/AUX Port Retention
  169. Double-Din Non-Nav Head Unit
  170. Speakers
  171. Handle for rear cargo cover?
  172. Antenna upgrade.
  173. Turn Car Off, Leave Radio On??
  174. factory harman/kardon amp?
  175. Stock radio/usb question
  176. Alpine unit installed - S&G problem
  177. Does a Forester auto-dimming mirror fit in a XV Crosstrek?
  178. Turning off the Nav System
  179. Radio Is Possessed!
  180. Australian XV 2.0i-S Bluetooth issues
  181. seatbelt alarm
  182. STi seats
  183. Question about range number in center display
  184. Is it true that Iphone 5 can't be charged through the USB port?
  185. The Car seat cover Thread.
  186. 2015 WRX Arm Rest Extension.
  187. Specific LED Bulb for Hatch?
  188. Regarding Audio Capabilities, Premium or Limited?
  189. Stock Tweeters working?
  190. Front seatbelt base at B pillar
  191. Installing Nav In a Non Nav Crosstrek Possible?
  192. Seriously, what is up with the A/C?
  193. Any way to turn off the safety feature on the radio so passenger can adjust settings
  194. DIY Door Speakers on The Cheap
  195. Help in chosing tweeter speakers?
  196. L and R symbols on the GPS location screen?
  197. Sun Visor bracket
  198. Sandisk "no file"
  199. Extendable sun visor (shade) / Coin holder
  200. Help corrupt me
  201. Butt Pillow
  202. $36 Tweeter retrofit! Stock connections!
  203. Anyone ever use these and how hard to hide and make work is the wiring?
  204. Bluetooth connection issues with Limited HU/non-nav
  205. Accidental discovery (Radio tuning)
  206. Does full-auto prematurely wear-out the HVAC system?
  207. FM622US XM preset question
  208. Tonneau cover grip
  209. tightening down lift gate
  210. Speaker Question (Stock vs Upgraded)
  211. Help removing B pillar?
  212. Rattle in headliner
  213. Installed Coverking Rhinohide Seat Covers
  214. 3 1/2" or 4" in the dash (tweeter location)
  215. Seats: looking for better support
  216. steering column lock
  217. Who here added a subwoofer, and what do you have?
  218. Old Topic, but new owner here :-(
  219. Height adjustable front centre armrest?
  220. New HU for 2014
  221. Slider Cup Holder
  222. Door panel removal quirk
  223. Bluetooth Error Message
  224. Question about popping the tweeter grills off
  225. help installing under seat sub
  226. cubby/console organizer
  227. Navigation question
  228. Nav question.
  229. Speaker Upgrades
  230. CVT Leather Shift Boot
  231. Not that anyone listens to AM radio but........
  232. Loving my new XV Hybrid all but Audio ?
  233. BlueTooth issues
  234. 14' limited backup camera issues
  235. Play DivX video - audio plays but no video
  236. seat comfort?
  237. Window auto lock
  238. Factory backup camera to aftermarket head unit?
  239. amp remote turn on lead
  240. Sat Nav specs
  241. Finally got my install under way...
  242. For You Rosen Navigation Folks
  243. Hand Controls Installed
  244. Protecting headliner from dog hair
  245. Replacing factory HU with Single DIN HU & Axxess ASWC-1 Interface
  246. How is the Rockford Fosgate P300-10 subwoofer?
  247. New Stereo Installed!
  248. BlueTooth Problems CM631UD
  249. A-pillar removal
  250. Center Console Thingy Compartment

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